Church & Ministry

The Church & Ministry Committee examines the credentials of churches which apply to become members of the Association and the credentials of ministers residing or working in Southwest Michigan who are or wish to be authorized ministers of the United Church of Christ. This committee is also responsible for directing the expenditure of certain funds of the association related to education.

Church & Ministry Committee Members for 2022:

Chair: Dale Muyskens
Vice-Chair: Rev. Jennifer Fair
Registrar: Rev. Kenneth Arthur
Members at Large: Michele Bush
Rev. Nathaniel Craddock
Rev. R. Vincent Lavieri
Carly Hubers
Doug Stahnke
Rev. Michael Tupper
Pastor Dani Veenstra
Angie Willard
Members ex-officio: Rev. Susan Greenwood, SWA Moderator
Rev. Mary Beth Moran Cross, SWA Vice-Moderator
Rev. Calandra Nevenzel, MI Conference Rep.

Note: All voting members except the registrar are elected at-large and the committee self-selects its own officers. Members ex-officio have voice but no vote.